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Sasuke - RGB Mirror

Sasuke - RGB Mirror

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Our RGB infinity rearview mirrors are accessories that fit both form and function.

When the mirror's battery-powered lights are off, it looks and functions like any other rearview mirror. It measures 27.5cm in width and 6cm in height, exceeding the size of most stock rearview mirrors.
With this mirror you will have confidence that when you're on the move, you will have a clear, ultrawide view of your surroundings.

Now for the fun part - with a simple press of the switch at the bottom of the mirror, previously invisible graphics are lit up and revealed inside the mirror. Keep pressing the button to cycle through 7x solid colour light modes and 3x animated rainbow modes.
When you're ready for the road again, press, hold, and release the button to switch off the lights without a trace.


✦ Spice up the interior of your ride without compromising your driving when the mirror lights are off

✦ Simply attach to the front of your existing rearview mirror using universal rubber clips

✦ Power the lights with 3x AAA batteries so there are no unsightly wires running through your cabin. Your first set of batteries come included with your purchase!

✦ Press the switch at the bottom of the mirror to reveal graphic design and cycle through 10x light modes

✦ Press, hold, and release the switch at the bottom of the mirror to turn the lights off without a trace

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