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Ring Tsurikawa

Ring Tsurikawa

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Strap Colour

Drift Rings, otherwise known as Tsurikawas, have been a feature of JDM culture since the late 1950s.
Their inclusion was pioneered by the Bosozoku, a gang of notorious car and motorcycle enthusiasts who thrived on illegal road activity and modification. In rebellion to authorities, the Bosozoku took the strapped hand rings from public trains and buses to display on their vehicles.

Since then, Tsurikawas have become a symbol of youth and freedom for car enthusiasts everywhere!


✦ Spice up the exterior or interior of your ride

✦ Hard PVC with a glossy finish and attached to a durable nylon strap

✦ Add custom text and symbols to the front of your Tsurikawa strap for only $5

✦ Use a Phillips screwdriver for easy installation

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